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Wolfie connects commerce with local consumers in real-time.

What you want, when you want it.

Unlike its competition, Wolfie engages consumers via immediate communication and real-time local deals. 

Wolfie does not invade the privacy of consumers and does not ask to share information.

It simply connects the demand for products and services with their providers. Wolfie is uniquely suited to industries where multiple product & service providers are targeting the same consumer - retailers, restaurants, hospitality and entertainment industries, etc.

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Wolfie is the only platform that allows businesses to create, present and modify offers in real-time and based on the precise physical location and specific point of interest of each individual consumer

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What is Wolfie?

The world's first mobile search engine that instantly and non-invasively matches consumers and merchants via specific

  • Product / Service
  • Location
  • Time Factors

Wolfie empowers consumers and merchants to leverage the power of location-based real time communication.

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