I received an offer

How do I redeem my offer?
In the offer that you receive from the merchant, you will find a unique Offer Code. Simply present this code to the merchant upon arrival and they will instantly know the exact discount & deal you are presenting. That’s all you need to do!


Information about Wolfie

Where can I find more information about Wolfie?
You will not find a whole lot of information about Wolfie out there just yet, we are relatively new and our concept is so simple, we haven’t really had to do much explaining – rather, we simply present it to more and more people each day and let the results speak for themselves.

As consumers search for products and services, Wolfie lets nearby business (that provide those particular products & services) know that a potential customer a few miles away is looking for them, and then asks “would you like to extend an offer or a deal to this potential customer?”  It is incredibly simple and businesses certainly have no reason not to try it – Wolfie is free and as more consumers learn about it, businesses get that additional local exposure they badly need and crave!   Literally, Wolfie tells them WHERE the customer is and WHAT he / she is looking for! 

Here is one of our videos – click here to watch – and more are on the way. As Wolfie spreads through the Tri-State area, as well as several other states, we couldn’t be more excited to present this most effective and easy-to-use solution to everyone!


Information about Wolfie

Out of curiosity, what is Wolfie? How does it work? Who signed us up? How much is it? I do a lot of our marketing here, and i was just surprised to find out about Wolfie like this.

Wolfie is quite an interesting & exciting – we are not quite a “Wolf”, but we are Wolfie, softer and friendlier, yet equally relentless in our hunt for subject of your desires! Wolfie works very simply: as a consumer searches for whatever he / she wants, the businesses nearby that particular category of a product or services are notified and are able to send that consumer a deal or an offer. Right on the spot! So, essentially Wolfie satisfies advertiser’s most intimate dream: to know WHERE the customer is and WHAT that customer is looking for.   Search away, or log in as a business and create a profile to be found by potential customers in you area. For more information, please read: https://www.wolfie.com/business/